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     Shoots in centre of grove    View west    House. Deck with view to mountains
     Moso    View at sunset    Southern fringe of grove
     Moso shoots for dinner    Late afternoon in the grove    Eastern fringe, after new culm growth, before leaf flush


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House And Moso Bamboo Forest. Pretty Unique.
Property type:Horticulture

My house, land, and moso bamboo grove are for sale. The house is a basic, functional 3br, with a nice rustic deck. Slow-combustion heater, satellite internet, new pump, tank, wiring etc. Some landscaping, fruit-trees for the bowerbirds and possums, dam, creek access - that's it for the house. On the plus side, the place is pretty, with mountain views, and, though not far at all from Kempsey, it is recognised as the safest and most private spot imaginable. As well as a rear access road, there is a shared private road which is currently in need of grading, so 4WD is advised. (That road was properly gravelled-to-depth at great expense some years back. Just needs a grade.) UPDATE: ROAD IMPROVED AND GRADED, Nov. 2012.

The star of this property, and the reason I'm asking more than the RE value, is an established acreage of MOSO BAMBOO. I don't have any business figures, projections etc. But read on!

Moso is the main bamboo of commerce: it is now seen everywhere as a finished product, whether as flooring and cabinet timber, or as clothing and manchester goods. Shoots good to eat, great poles for fencing etc, finest charcoal. Renowned for its size and beauty, growing to full potential in just a few regions of the world. The rolling ex-dairy country of NSW between ocean and Great Divide is one such biome. Very hard to propagate - hence rarity in Oz - but not to grow once established.

Moso forms open and airy forests across the hillsides. (For those who saw the martial arts movie, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, the forest where the action took place is of moso.)

It's taken years, starting with Aussie seedlings from the global flowering of the 80s, to establish these four acres. Meanwhile, I got old! The next four acres will come much quicker, future springs will be busy, to say the least. Read about it on my blog.

Map for DONDINGALONG, New South Wales

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 Name: Robert  
 Phone (AH): 0265621816 
 Mobile: 0416 246 203 

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  Lot area:44 Acres approx.  









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